Our Creative Tutors all undergo specialised training with us before working with students. The training covers a range of teaching techniques including working with disability. We will continuously review this to ensure that the student experience is positive. We will match Creative Tutors to their students in such a way that they will be a relatable mentor and role model. 


All tutors also participate in equality and diversity training. At Creative Tuition this is not about ticking boxes to ensure we appear inclusive, but instead fundamental to our approach to teaching and community work. We are putting students from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented communities first, and therefore we ensure that all of our team are informed and passionate about true equality in all possible forms. 


See our Motivation page for more detail on this, why what we do is important and why all of our staff will be participating in the equality and diversity training training. 

Participants of the Core Package will be paired with a Creative Tutor and receive weekly 1 hour sessions in a chosen STEM subject. They will also be assigned homework, if this is deemed useful and not overwhelming. Each student will receive personalised teaching to suit their schedule (a number of tutors will be available on a 24hr schedule). Sessions will include general wellness and workload checkins and the tutors will work with the student on their confidence and general study skills as well as direct support with their chosen subject.  

Engineering event organised and photos provided by Steve Eichhorn and Eileen Atieno

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