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In December 2020, Voice & Influence Partnership, Creative Tuition Collective, Kiki Bristol and Our Land collaboratively commissioned an exploration into the Bristol Black Queer experience through the expression of joy. The project was designed to capture the joy felt in finding an accepting, creative and innovative queer community for those who identify as QTIPOC and allies and to showcase this to school students. This report details a review of the success of the first session run at City Academy with around 15 students in year 10/11. Click the button above to read the report!


Exciting news!

The Creative Tuition Team were Social Innovation Programme winners

By Emma Boomfield, Jessica Slater, Mia Forster, Alice Lang, and Ed Polley


Creative Tuition Collective were lucky enough to feature in the Spring 2021 Bristol Hub and Burges-Salmon LLP research project. It was a fantastic experience that explored two projects:


Project 1 consisted of collecting both primary and secondary research looking to understand what learning and engagement platforms are used by young people within the STEM space, how many students are engaging with coding and why it's important. The group analysed the current attraction to the technology market, consumers needs and business needs for young people aged 16-25.

Project 2 sought to understand whether young people wish to learn about the STEM community through the medium of an online magazine. Research was conducted on what student/university science magazines exists presently, including analysis of what they look like, their structure and which of these elements are most attractive to students.


Recommendations from both projects will go on to inform further work and opportunities Creative Tuition wish to provide. Keep an eye out for these in the coming year, we will keep you informed.

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Creative Tuition Collective are currently fundraising for our first student intake! We are so excited to start working with young people from our local community and making a difference in their lives, futures and careers! Click here to donate! 

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