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We always have a couple of projects bubbling away as well, so this page allows you to see what we've got going on and the best ways to support us right now! 

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Facing our Future as a Community

Lara Lalemi, Atamai Tutor Centre and Digilocal 

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Facing our Future as a Community

The Lockdown Laptop and Internet Access Project

Creative Tuition Collective are joining forces with Digilocal and the Atamai Tutor centre to help in the mission to end digital exclusion across Bristol. Around 1 million children, young adults and their families across the UK do not have adequate access to a device or connectivity at home, with around 10,000 children facing exclusion in Bristol.


Digital exclusion leads to young people experiencing challenges with completing schoolwork, receiving additional educational support and other social services, all of which have been further heightened by COVID-19 lockdown. Digital exclusion does not begin and end at providing young people with suitable hardware, it also includes software, internet access and support.


We are looking to raise money to purchase second-hand laptops, hard drives and internet dongles for low income families throughout Bristol to help fight educational inequality. But we need your support.


Here is how you can help, DONATE to

or SHARE the link on your social media i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok even.

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(in the right way)

Digital exclusion is a feature of poverty and lower grade attainment. Of those students eligible for free school meals or who have been in care or adopted from care only 25% achieved grades 9-5 in GCSE English and Maths in 2019 compared to 50% of all other pupils.


Dozens of young people are having to use their mobile phones to access school work and resources for further learning. As an educational organisation who wishes to support students from low income families, it is important for us, Creative Tuition to support the push towards decreasing digital exclusion.

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Let's get started! 

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Creative Tuition Collective are currently fundraising for our first student intake! We are so excited to start working with young people from our local community and making a difference in their lives, futures and careers! Click here to donate! 

We know COVID-19 has put a financial strain on us all, and while we are extremely grateful for financial support we equally love support in  other ways - please spread the word about us by sharing our fundraisers, website and socials. And be sure to follow our socials yourself to stay up to date with all things Creative Tuition! 
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