Queer Science 

A Podcast 

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Queer Science is a new monthly video podcast aired on Shoutout, BCfm Bristol Community radio, starring Lara Lalemi and Ezra Peregrine.


The podcast delves into us, as a queer scientist and therapist and the science we would like to see talked about. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Episode One: Gender, genes and sex - COMING SOON! 


Let’s talk about sex and gender baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be… People often like to simplify things, categorise and place people into two boxes, male and female. But, it’s not that clear cut. Though gender may begin with the assignment of our sex at birth, it doesn’t end there especially not in some indigenous cultures. Take a listen and to found out more..

Our Queer Scientists:

Ezra Perigrine

Radio and television has always been important to me, especially when using that as a platform to share and discuss subjects that are often left out of mainstream media. I became a part of Shout Out when I was invited to talk about my work as a mental health support worker. This opportunity gave me an insight into radio that I hadn’t had before and was then what enabled me to become a regular part of the team. I now read the news and occasionally co-present.

Shout Out Radio has also allowed me to attend Bristol’s 2019 Pride, that linked up with the BBC to broadcast live radio to listeners around the world.

Queer Scientists is something that is directly focused on the subject of queerness and how this can directly link with science and psychology. It allows for us to focus on and explore unique and individual subjects, once a month with Part 1 on ShoutOut Radio and Part1/Part 2 on this very platform. I am really excited to continue tackling different subjects each month and generally bringing unique content to radio.


I have loved my journey so far and am looking forward to where it will go.


Lara Lalemi

Hello! ME again!

I have always been passionate about the world of science and scientific exploration. Radio presenting with Shoutout Radio Bristol at BCFm for the last three years has opened my eyes to the beautiful broadcasting universe. The team at shoutout radio help nurture young LGBTQIA+ members to become radio co-presenters that can progress.


This video podcast is an exciting opportunity to learn about how my identity entangles with the scientific theories from around the world.  I love learning more and more about the world and this is a perfect way to share it with the others.