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Exciting developments that we think you might like to hear about 

Rainbow Research: Nature

To celebrate UK Pride Month the British Ecological Society journal blogs are hosting a 'Rainbow Research' series, which aims to promoting visibility of LGBTQIA+ STEM researchers. Above is an article in the series entitled 'It's Not Natural' discussing the role scientists can take in LGBTQIA+ activism. 

Queer, PoC, Creative, STEM

The article above explores what it means to be PoC, queer and in chemistry, analytical chemistry no less, something that is rarely seen in the physical sciences world, yet it is something that needs to be celebrated and platformed. Kemi Oloyede beautifully details her experiences highlighting the need for more science communication around the topic of the humans behind the science.

UK scientists begin study of how long Covid can survive in the air 

A recent article in The Guardian has highlighted recent developments in the study of Coronavirus COVID-19. Scientists (two pictured on the left: Dr. Allen Haddrell and Henry Oswin) in the Bristol Aerosol Centre (BARC) at the University of Bristol are leading new research whereby the virus will be suspended in an aerosol droplet under a range of conditions. This is due to growing concerns of the virus lingering in the air in smaller droplets. Professor Jonathan Reid, at the University of Bristol, who is heading this research, has said: “We know that when bacteria or viruses become airborne in respiratory droplets they very quickly dry down and can lose viability, so that’s an important step to understand when assessing the role of airborne transmission in Covid-19.”


 By Linda Geddes


Picture taken before COVID-19 was brought into the lab


The CARGO Bristol Movement


In October, the CARGO team and the University of Bristol have invited organisations that are embracing their Civic values and as a unique feature of the Universal City App, to feature your business or organisation as part of the apps interactive map.

The University of Bristol has approximately 8000 employees and 27000 students, who will access the map and we aspire to raise awareness of locally based Micro, Small, Medium businesses across the city.


To have your business or organisation added for FREE to the interactive map please email

International research collaborations: how can we shift the power towards Africa?

By Salome Maswime, Kevin Marsg and Rifat Atun

COVID-19 may have disrupted many higher education institutions and universities across the world, but it has also sparked conversations around a range of topics. Academics from the University of Cape Town have been discussing, in part, the  impact of COVID on international research collaborations given ’the long history of unequal partnerships and research collaborations between developed countries and African Researchers’ says Salome Masxime.

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