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Find out what people have to say about working with the Creative Tuition team

On the Decolonising Science Workshop run by Lara Lalemi

How engaging was it?

The delivery and visuals of the presentation was outstanding.

The presentation looked at a range of issues, such as those usually forgotten from science, history, attainment gap and the causes, the harms of being tokenistic and more.

Lara took the time to go through definitions and explain them in ways which meant that people understood. Also worked to open up and start conversations between those in attendance.  

How useful was it?

It was useful to understand the work that’s been going on in other universities as this is a conversation that UEA is just starting to have

Having practical tips and knowledge on how to approach this conversation was useful for not only the students, but the staff members in attendance

While educating those who might have not been aware on some of these issues she also took the time to give doable recommendations on how to keep learning and be an active ally

General Comments:

Lara communicated in a way which was welcoming and open. This was proved in the fact that there were students who stayed behind to continue conversations with Lara after her presentation and during lunch to talk more about how we can move towards decolonising as well as the work she was doing.

Jennifer B, UEA

Sarah has given Sophia the confidence to question and explore Biology. Sarah has helped her with exam questions and worked alongside her school curriculum, providing extra help where needed. Sophia isn’t scared of Biology anymore. 

Reviews of tuition provided Sarah, our CCO

Sarah came to tutor my daughter in A level Biology after she completely lost her confidence whilst studying the subject at school.

With Sarah’s kind and calm approach to teaching and learning we quickly saw her confidence grow. She became more relaxed and ready to learn and take on new challenges.
Sarah would send through past test papers and revision questions through the week to help embed the knowledge. She was always available through the week to answer questions or provide extra support if needed.


Sarah has been a great support and has played a huge part in my daughters learning journey.

Mentorship Review

Hear what it's like to have Lara - our CEO - as a mentor from Usman, a BAME undergraduate student. 

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