Core Package

This is the true essence of Creative Tuition, the main service we offer and the reason that we founded our organisation. 

The core package consists of Tuition and Workshop sessions and Personal Development, see below. 


This is available with no charge to pupils in the Bristol area from low socio-economic backgrounds.


We are particularly looking to support individuals who are from underrepresented communities (BAME, LGBTQ+, Disabled, etc). 

Schools, parents, pupils and others are all welcome to contact us to enquire further. We would love to hear from you and discuss what we can offer to help you achieve academic success, gain confidence and obtain the skills required to progress towards higher education or your desired career path.

Additional Services

We also offer a number of our services individually. 

Our main paid service is bringing our workshops - which cover crucial extracurricular topics such as personal finance, sex education, world history and more - to any school or organisation who is interested in providing this for their pupils or staff. Contact us here if you have questions!  

We also offer paid tuition sessions for anyone who is looking for one-on-one STEM tuition through the Creative Tuition lens.


This is a unique service; all of our tutors are trained in supporting students with a range of needs, in equality and diversity, and as personal mentors, please see detail on this below.


One-on-one tuition in STEM subjects 


Group sessions on the topics you miss out on in school

Personal Development

Mentors, role models and mental health support


Interested in one of our workshops or want to know more about our ethically approved research?


We provide a number of services through our sister organisation, Creative Tuition Education Consultants

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