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Providing free tuition, extracurricular workshops and personal development support to pupils from low-income backgrounds, marginalised and under-represented communities

Our Mission

We believe that a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment is key to building confidence in young people today. By focusing on the specific needs of underrepresented communities and intersectional experiences, Creative Tuition fosters an environment that enables pupils to thrive, increasing their grades, confidence and future aspirations.

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Office Meeting

New volunteer vacancies!

Volunteer with us to empower a generation. We're looking for a Social Media Manager and we're looking to expand our team of Creative Tutors. 

Sarah has given Sophia the confidence to question and explore Biology. Sarah has helped her with exam questions and worked alongside her school curriculum, providing extra help where needed. Sophia isn’t scared of Biology anymore. 

Reviews of tuition provided Sarah, our CCO

What's new?

Recent highlights of the work we've been doing to support young people

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