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Many thanks for your interest in partnering with Creative Tuition Collective.

The young people we work with face a multitude of challenges and barriers to accessing STEM education. By partnering Creative Tuition Collective's vital work, you can can show your commitment to supporting young people and give them opportunities to fulfil their potential. 

Why work with us? 

  • We work with you to deliver targeted solutions to increase diversity in your sector

  • By forming a partnership with Creative Tuition, your employees will gain experience in public engagement and will learn from our team's expertise in targeted outreach 

  • Embrace the opportunity to become a model organisation which works with young people from diverse backgrounds and promotes diverse and inclusive workplaces

  • We help you to grow your talent pipeline and develop your future workforce 

  • Invest in young people who need support to fulfil their potential

How do we support students?

We provide targeted support for the challenges that young people from minority ethnic, LGBTQ+ backgrounds and with disabilities face. Our full 9-month programme provides students with: 

  • STEM tuition with mentoring with our dedicated team of tutors

  • 3 development workshops to empower and inspire students

  • 6 months of group sessions with mental well-being team (bi-weekly)

  • 1 Science Museum/ Trip to increase science capital and cultural literacy

  • 1 Summer Careers Event to inspire and motivate students for their next steps 

Get in touch with Lara Lalemi, CEO of Creative Tuition, to explore partnerships and discuss how we could work together. 

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We're proud to partner with

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Other ways to support us

We're extremely grateful to work with our incredible partners, but we understand that not everybody is able to support us this way.

Check out the other ways you can get involved to support our mission. However big or small, you will make an amazing difference to a young person's life. 

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