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LGBTQIA+ Organisations

Find support for the difficulties you are facing

Kiki Bristol gives a talk in front of Pride flag

Kiki Bristol, Bristol is a space for QTIPOC (Queer, transgender, intersex, people of colour) to meet, greet, eat, discuss, dance and more importantly feel free to be yourself! Kiki always welcomes new QTIPOC volunteers to help run and support the organisation. ​

Follow: @kiki_bristol


Wig in a Box Logo

Wig in a Box, Bristol started in 2018 with Clare Lowe, a producer and promoter that champions the queer arts and is passionate about supporting their community. WiaB has continued to expand what it offers and proudly helps to create shows that encourage acts from all levels of cabaret to come and get on the stage.

To find out about more of the fabulousness, please visit here

OTR Freedom Youth Logo

OTR: Freedom Youth (age 13-19) offers group sessions that are social, informative and safe supportive spaces for you people from an LGBTQIA+ background in Bristol.

Freedom (age 19-25) Freedom is a social and information space which provides support, advice and social opportunities for those aged between 19 and 25. Group members can gain experience in campaigning, activism, mentoring and event organising. Freedom also offers a space for one-to-one chats about what matters to you.

LGBTQ+ Counselling image

OTR: Freedom Youth provide LQBTQ+ Counselling. One-to-one work is a supportive space to chat about what matters to young people.


Click here to find out more about the suppport offered. 

Pride Flags

Shoutout is always looking for radio volunteers and any LGBTQIA+ individual is welcomed. To find out more visit here

ShoutOut is a community run radio show, based in Bristol, at home on BCfm radio station. Shoutout aims to provide the LGBT community with radio and television content covering a wide range of subjects.
They work hard  to offer well researched and thoughtful pieces on identity, society, representation and liberation.

Antidiscrimintation Act Placard
Other UK Based QTIPOC organisations:

Glitter Cymru  Cardiff, Wales

Rainbow Noir  Manchester

Radical Rhizomes Brighton

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