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Should mental health be taught in schools?

We really like this article written by Alfie Hughes - a student - on the importance of mental health in schools.


Alfie themselves currently going through the challenges of the educational system is a great reminder of why we need to involve school goers in conversations regarding mental health in schools.


Far too often has the conversation been had on the merit of providing mental health support to children in school without consultation of the children we are hoping to have an impact on.


There are many great points made in this article. We particularly like the stressing of there being a wider scope of mental health support available, not just to the kids that are deemed to need it or ask for it. Mental health education should be for all pupils in order for it to be universally valuable, to decrease stigma, to raise awareness in children, to make them understand that what they or their friends may be going through and that it is ok to ask for help and to talk openly about mental health issues.

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