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Life Skills Development

Access to mentoring, role models and mental health support

At Creative Tuition, there are a a number of complementary components to our carefully designed strategy to support personal development and wellbeing of our students. All students who are participants in our core package will receive these services free of charge alongside the taught content (tuition and workshops). 

All students will be invited to participate in regular wellbeing sessions with a mental health professional. The students will have this safe space offered to them to discuss various topics they perhaps feel unable to discuss on a day-to-day basis. How this is conducted is flexible and will be tailored to fit the student's needs. there may be the option for approaches such as text sessions if verbal discussions feel challenging or overwhelming, for example. 

The Creative Tutor that each student is assigned will also act as a role model and mentor to the student. The mentor will support students in any area that they may need, be it career aspirations, life skills, or navigating the education system and society as a whole. Mentors will be fully trained with particular attention paid to the nuance of those who possess one or a number of underrepresented characteristics. 

As a Black, queer led organisation this is fundamental to our approach in all ways and Creative Tuition is designed with these students in mind. 

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