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Life Skills Development

Access to mentoring, role models and mental health support

Creative Tuition is passionate about providing positive mental health for young people. We have a great team of mental health ambassadors who work with our Senior Mental Health Coordinator and our Psychotherapist. Our programme focuses on the basic needs of everyone, known as Human Givens. By finding ways to meet their basic requirements, disorders such as anxiety and depressions could be easier to manage and mitigate. 

Human Givens focuses on the basic needs that everyone needs, by meeting our physical and emotional development as individuals and a community. With mental illness on the rise, more and more young people report experiences of anxiety and depression. By equipping young people with ways to manage their basic needs which should reduce issues such as depression as well as behavioural issues such as anger and aggression. This is why we believe it is so impirtan that students will a safe space offered to them to discuss various topics they perhaps feel unable to discuss on a day-to-day basis. How this is conducted is flexible and will be tailored to fit the student's needs. there may be the option for approaches such as text sessions if verbal discussions feel challenging or overwhelming, for example. 

Student smiles at the camera whilst sitting in a library
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