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Who are Creative Tuition?

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We want to ensure that everyone has access to supportive, personalised education

In the UK, GCSEs and A-Level grades are affected by insufficient support and a lack of need-specific teaching, most notably in underrepresented communities. This leads to reduced access to higher education and other career opportunities.


Creative Tuition provides the key elements needed to address this free of charge:

  • One-on-one tuition, available in accessible formats, including a 24-hour service

  • Personal development sessions with mentors and mental health professionals, free of charge for pupils and offered at a reduced rate for all staff members 

  • Extracurricular workshops and discussion panels focusing on life skills and historical and cultural topics often left out of the mainstream curriculum.  

Our Creative Tutors act as mentors and role models to the pupils in addition to providing personalised academic support. 

With a focus on the specific needs of underrepresented communities and intersectional experiences, Creative Tuition fosters an environment that enables pupils to thrive, increasing their grades, confidence and future aspirations.  

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