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Who are Creative Tuition?

We want to ensure that everyone has access to supportive, personalised education.

Our Creative Tutors act as mentors and role models to the pupils in addition to providing personalised academic support.

With a focus on the specific needs of underrepresented communities and intersectional experiences, Creative Tuition fosters an environment that enables pupils to thrive, increasing their grades, confidence and future aspirations.

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Creative Tuition Staff talk at BBC Bristol


Science is not a boy's game, it's not a girl's game.

It's everyone's game.

Nichelle Nichols, former NASA Ambassador and Star Trek actress

Lara Lalemi.jpg
Lara Lalemi, CEO of Creative Tuition, holding a microphone and giving a talk

Meet Lara Lalemi, Founder and CEO of
Creative Tuition Collective 

Our founder Lara, a Chemistry PhD candidate, has navigated the academic system as a Black, Queer woman. This has meant facing many challenges that her peers may not have experienced. With underrepresentation of BAME role models, visibly Queer role models in science, and sciences being taught through a colonial Euro-centric gaze, at times this has meant that the subject she loves and has a big passion for has not catered to her needs as much as it has for pupils from non-marginalised backgrounds.

"I strive to bring about positive, long lasting change in the STEM education and EDI sector by taking a
innovative and inclusive approach in everything I do"

After having discussions with peers, drawing from her personal experiences and those shared by others, and the success of her Decolonising Science workshops, she was inspired to found Creative Tuition. This would help pave the way for better representation and provide more comprehensive and compassionate teaching to young people who will perhaps face the same institutional battles she has had to fight throughout her university and no doubt in her future professional life. This is to equip future generations with the tools to navigate an education system which is not serving them as well as it should at the present.

Get in touch with Lara to discuss collaborations, partnerships and sponsorship.

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So, how does this general concept of inequality that Creative Tuition strives to improve translate into the lived experiences of many, many individuals?

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