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Group sessions which target your community's needs

As a participant in our Core Package, students will attend a number of workshops which will be ran by the Creative Tuition team and expert guest speakers.

Our workshops have been carefully selected and planned to provide students with knowledge and skills that they would miss out on with the standard curriculum. This includes crucial life skills on topics such as personal finance to deeper, culturally informative topics such as pre-colonial African science. 

We have a broad range of workshops included in the Core Package and available as individual sessions. To give a good idea, the list below covers the main themes in which we will teach: 

  • A Decolonial World 

  • Decolonising Science Workshop 

  • Arts and Music 


  • Equality and Inclusion 


  • Society and our Modern World


If you are interested in booking a workshop with Creative Tuition, please contact us for more information and pricing. 

We are extremely proud of the topics we have chosen for our workshops and as Creative Tuition grows we will be continually adding to the subjects that we offer. If you are an expert on a subject that you feel students today are missing out on during their school education, please get into contact with us. 

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