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Ethos and Values

Read about the core values of our organisation

Our goal is to be a conscientious and inclusive organisation that caters for pupils as well as university students in a progressive and innovative manner. 

Our core values for students


We look for INNOVATIVE ways of delivering educational material to our participants and the wider community


We believe in an INCLUSIVE space for people from all cultures, backgrounds and identities.


We aim to INSPIRE young people with a diverse and accessible educational programme

Our core values for staff


Effective TEAMWORK is at the heart of our interactions and future collaborations


We believe empathetic, honest and respectful COMMUNICATION is integral to our internal and external relationships


The SAFETY of young people and staff will always be at the forefront of all decision-making

Safety and Safeguarding

The safety and wellbeing of each pupil, tutor/workshop leader and adult who participates in this tutoring scheme is of the utmost importance. A set of safeguarding ethos aimed to equip participating pupils, tutors and any responsible adult in order to protect them from abuse, harmful behaviour and to provide a safe environment will be set in place. These policies and procedures will ensure equal harm protection from each student and adult regardless of their disability, sexual orientation, gender, race or creed. Please contact us for a copy of our safeguarding policy. 

Students chatting over their textbooks
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