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Work or volunteer with us and help us to empower young people


Classmates in the Library

Explore you next opportunity at Creative Tuition. Envision being a part of a team making a difference to young people’s lives, experience a rewarding and innovative work culture and work with our dedicated team. We know what it takes to lead an evolution in education- people with a unique combination of skill, drive and passion to be the change the world needs. If you have these qualities, a desire to develop your skillset and a drive to join our movement, this volunteer role is for you. 

Creative Tuition Team smiling at the camera

Are you passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM? We would love to hear from you! 

Creative Tuition Collective is a Black and queer led organisation. We welcome applications from all, with particular encouragement to members of the LGBTQIA+, BAME and disabled communities, as well as any other marginalised groups.

If there isn't a listing that looks right for you, it would be great to learn more about you. Please feel free to email us with a CV and/or a short statement summarising your skills and experience and stating your area(s) of interest.

Since moving to the UK, my career development has been facilitated by programs and charities such as Creative Tuition. They have provided me with tools needed to succeed, academically, professionally and generally, and not to surrender to the standards assigned to minority kids from low income backgrounds. Creative Tuition does exactly that and more, by advocating and empowering all kinds of people and making diversity its cornerstone. I had to jump at the opportunity to help build it up from very little into something great, as I know it will be!


- Chichi Jude, Volunteer at Creative Tuition

Chichi Jude
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