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Volunteer Creative Tutor 

Volunteer with us and help us to empower young people

Classmates in the Library

Are you a passionate about STEM? Do you have innovative and creative ways to educate others? Would you love to make a difference in a young person’s life?

Yes so far? Consider volunteering with us

Part-Time (3 hours a week) 

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom / Remote

Level: 1 year tuition experience

Elizaveta Bejan

Volunteer Tutor

Pranav Karthik

Volunteer Tutor

Why tutor with Creative Tuition?

Job Description

Explore you next opportunity at Creative Tuition. Envision being a part of a team making a difference to young people’s lives, experience a rewarding and innovative work culture and work with our dedicated team. We know what it takes to lead an evolution in education- people with a unique combination of skill, drive and passion to be the change the world needs. If you have these qualities, a desire to develop your skillset and a drive to join our movement, this volunteer role is for you.


This important role requires individuals who are confident with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to tutor students from year 9 to 11 (level 1) with the ability to tutor all the subjects to this level.

Your general activities will include:

  • 2 hours tutoring time at the chosen school

  • 1 hour preparation time a week.

  • 3 hours pre-tuition training (paid)

We’re looking for someone with:

  • Basic understanding with how to work with a wide range of neurodiverse students with a good grasp of the subject and communicating curriculum.

  • Ability to find new and creative ways to deliver your tutored subjects.

  • Ability to mentor students so they become more confident in themselves and their subject.

  • Have at least 1 years’ experience working in education or tutoring.

  • Hold at least 2 sciences/1 science + mathematics A Level (level 3)/ BTEC Applied Sciences/IB equivalent.

  • Be willing to donate 3 hours a week.

A person who works in the STEM sector or studied/studies a STEM subject, this would be desirable. We strongly encourage applicants who are from marginalised backgrounds who fall under the protected characteristics (race, gender, class, sexuality and or disability) so students can see who they could be.



  • Gain experience in teaching

  • Friendly and accepting team

  • Access to paid workshops opportunities

  • Training to help you perform at your best

  • Opportunities to progress skills

  • Access to mentoring


Schools are currently facing cutbacks, one big loss seen in the last several years has been to teaching assistants. Since 2022, it is estimated that teaching assistants have been cut by up to 66%. Consequently, many children are now deprived of the fundamental classroom assistance they require to thrive academically. Due to the diverse nature of individual learning styles, certain students struggle to excel within a traditional classroom environment. The loss of the one-to-one support has been noticed. By offering tuition on a one-to-one basis, we are able to create diverse, innovative, engaging and unique lessons to each student we work with. Allowing them to have the one-to-one support that is no longer available with TA’s. Our tutors not only teach, but we also work as mentors, providing a safe space for our students to bring their concerns about their education, future or anything they feel we can help and/or advise them on. With our program of tuition and mental wellbeing groups to help lay the foundations for our students to build a future career in STEM sector, or just help with build an understanding of principles that are required daily.


Who is Creative Tuition?

Creative tuition is a non-profit organisation who wants to inspire young people into enjoying and pursuing STEM subjects and jobs. With science and maths being fundamental in some of the highest ranking and prestigious job roles in modern day society. Evidence shows that less than 30% of university students studying a STEM subject are from a marginalised background and less than 11% are from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. This under representation is exactly what CTC wants to rectify and to do this we must start in schools, before students choose their GCSE’s. We currently offer and run a 3-year tuition and mental wellbeing project with pupils in year 9 (12 to 13). 

Our Mission and Vision

We have made it our mission to build confidence in young people, through providing them with a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment, and it is our vision to create a world in which a child's social mobility and access to a good education is not limited by the circumstances in which they are born.

Everyone who works at Creative Tuition gets to be part of a close team who share ideas with one another and learn different techniques from one another. We have regular team get together and out tutors have end of term meetings to discuss how to move forward for the following term. CTC offers a 3-hour training session for all volunteers before tutoring begins and provides tutors with the opportunity to further training on request during supervisions with our tutor manager Jasmin Webb. We also provide enhance DBS checks for every successful applicant.

How to apply

To apply for this role, please click "Apply now" and fill in the survey. 

Meet the Tutoring Team

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