Lara Mosunmola Lalemi (she/her) - Founder and CEO 
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I am a third year chemistry PhD student from London who has experience in organising conferences around inequality and lack of representation in higher education. I currently study in the University of Bristol within Aerosol Science, examining climate relevant compounds and photochemistry. ​

I have always had a passion for change and being in a STEM subject I could see the development needed to ensure those from underrepresented groups are more heard. Building on the legacy of trailblazers such as Jane Hinton and Alice Augusta Bell, two important black women in science,  I have a keen interest in improving our education system so that future generations of young people can see role models that represent themselves.

Sarah Cooke (she/her) - Director of Communications and Wellbeing

I am a Biochemistry graduate who tutors GCSE and A-Level students. Studying a STEM subject highlighted to me just a few of the many barriers that exist today. I hope to combine my STEM and teaching background to support young people from underrepresented groups with tackling and reducing those barriers. 


When teaching, I often find myself repeating that all students are entirely capable of achieving their desired grades. Failure to do so is not due to an inadequate student, but to a lack of support, resources and confidence. Our national education system should provide all of this and more, but in the absence of this, working with Creative Tuition enables me to be involved on a practical level in resetting current imbalances. 

Outside of this, I am interested in interdisciplinary approaches to research, in particular synthetic biology and the crossover with medicine and AI, and how we can make these technologies work for positive change in the world. 

Epiphani Sié (they/him) - Wellbeing, Finance and HR 
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I am a former Finance professional who is currently beginning the process of retraining to become a Psychotherapist with an emphasis on Mental Health education for the BAME community. I hope to encourage our communities to speak more about their mental health and educating on the importance of doing so.


In the BAME communities, we at times struggle to have the correct language when it comes to our mental health. There is still stigma attached to mental wellbeing discussions especially in the older generations. This is something I have felt passionate about for years, with engaging more and more of the young generation to open up about their mental health, I am hopeful that attitudes towards these discussions will improve for the better amongst all generations.

Dr Nuzhat Tabassum (she/her) - Education Manager

Hi, I’m a British Bengali with a MSci in Natural Sciences and Ph.D. in Geology. I’ve always loved maths and using the tools around us to answer questions about how our planet “works”. I was especially interested in what was going on 100’s and 1000’s km below our feet, in the Earth’s mantle, and during my Ph.D. I studied minerals trapped inside diamonds, because we use to think diamonds can act as a “time capsule”, to understand more about the volatile cycle of the solid Earth.

However, during my undergraduate and Ph.D., I found that science was not accessible to everyone. Partly because of the flawed education system, exclusionary culture of academia, the role that science played in establishing white supremacy and the failure of scientists to engage with the public. I want to change this! I am currently an Educational Policy Assistant at the Royal Academy of Engineering to improve the education landscape and as an Education Manager at Creative Tuition, I hope to make STEM education more inclusive for everyone.

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